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28 June 2011 @ 07:17 pm
just reading this weeks tv mag (whats on tv issue 2-8th july) and ended up screaming!!!

as we all know the airing date of series 4 has been discussed for a while now...well heres news.......

'there'll be more medieval magic and monsters when the forth series of merlin kicks off this autumn'!!!!!!!

v v v e xcited now!! so at least we know its definantly back this yr, just when is the question????
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27 May 2011 @ 08:49 am
am at airport at moment waiting for my plane to start boarding!!! finally 2 weeks in orlando!!WOHOOO can not wait. been up since 2am amd am so ready to get on this plane! 2 weeks in disney and universal!!! :)

only downside is im missing biggest game of the season at wembley on monday :( am gutted but have found somewhere to watch it and have packed my footy shirts and flag for the day which i plan on wearing round the parks for the day much to my brothers discuss!!! come on boys do us all proud and give it ur all!!

oh we just been called for boarding so c u in 2 weeks!
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02 March 2011 @ 01:23 pm
Again WOW, still buzzing from last night! went to everton for the 5th round FA Cup game....and well thats why i love the cup! 1-0 To the championship and my beloved Reading FC.The boys were amazing! they dug in and did us all proud! to be fair it could have been more..kebe should have had at least one and there was a couple of chances from Tabb which he was unlucky not to convert (he was so close and i so want him to get a goal!).

captain matt mills scored the goal and played his best game iv seen him play in a while-True captains preformance!! same goes for Ian Harte who looked like his old self!! great to see Gunnarsson and Zurab back in the team-again amazing!!!

alex mccarthy made some amazing saves as well,esp on only his 3rd apperance for the royals!! dont like giving Man of the match awards on game like this, so giving it to the whole team!!!

next up man city or villa away next sunday-dont mind who but im so there!!!

oh and to top it off even met kevin kegan!!!! legend!!!
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25 February 2011 @ 12:21 pm
thoughly enjoying this week off of work. so nice not to have to get up at stupid oclock in the morning.

had football on tuesday against milwall and we finally got a win under our belts :) fantastic goals from Noel Hunt and Shane Long!!! also got to talk to Jay Tabb again, who had a fantastic game himself!!!

then tonight im off to see the v yummy Rupert Young in 'company' and tomorrow the just as yummy Colin Morgan in 'our private life' with mightypretty. v v excited!!! can not wait!!!

and then off to everton on tuesday for the 5th round of the FA Cup---who ever said holidays were boring!!!
31 January 2011 @ 10:00 pm
Its been way too long since i last posted (in fact i cant remember the last time i posted to my own LJ??). Well first off sorry for that....unfortuantly real life got in the way and well kind of had to abandon certain sections of my life for a while (LJ being one of them). Work has been well work, lots of pressure and very busy, family - well that has been one of the major issues with me not being around....have had an uncle and an aunt who have been in and out of hospital for the last few months (and to make it worse my uncle lives on the other side of the world)and then add in my devotion to my beloved Reading FC...it all got on top of me and at one stage even made myself ill with it all....i just couldnt take much more and my body crashed!!!

Luckily things seem to be on the right side of the tracks now! so i can kinda relax abit more....but boy do i need my 2 weeks off at the end of feb!!! just need to crash out.

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17 August 2010 @ 08:02 pm
why when things were just settling down, do they go and get frigging complicated again!!!?? things were just getting back to how things used to be and then just one little things sets is all off again and now well im totally confused! it all stems from the other week, things were said and done and well confusing kicked in again. dont think yesterday helped much either, especially after what ive been told today.

seriously why cant it be 'girl likes boy, boy likes girl, they get together - end of story', why do we have all the other crap to deal with too!????  i hate it and its driving me mad. MEN cant live with them and cant live without them! doesnt help that parents (esp mum) is digging and wants to know whats going on! 

someone needs to create a clone machine asap..so that i can either clone Bradley James or Kevin Doyle!
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06 August 2010 @ 09:21 pm

i cant believe how long its been since i posted here. so much has happened and it only seems like yesterday, the summer has gone so quick.

the world cup has come and gone (i won a bet with the lads that spain would win...they didnt believe me, they should know by now not to doubt me lol) and the pre-season started back up again :) but not only that but tomorrow is the first day of the championship season!!! WOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! i seriously can not wait. having seen the last couple of preseason games, im even more hyper for the start of it! the wolves game was great - the return of Kevin Doyle :) fantastic, he got a huge standing obvation from the reading fans!!!! and the my boys played so well! (they won 2-1) and then last weekend at southampton. again won 4-2 but the game was more of a mixture. they played well for the first 15 mins (leading 1-0), somehow slacked until the last 20 mins (at this point losing 2-1) and then in the last 20 mins picked up again and won 4-2 in the end! Simon Church is definantly one to watch this season, if the last few games are to go by!!!

However someone should tell these players that they are pre-season friendlies! some of the tackles that were happening were so dangerous!!!

First up Scunthorpe as home tomorrow! wohoooo especially as we managed to get Andy Griffin from Stoke on a permanment basis, after a V V successful loan deal last season!!!

So that the footy bit over and done with now for the other highlight of the summer..................GOING TO FRANCE TO PIERREFONDS, so see Merlin beinng filming! THIS WAS FANTASTIC/AMAZING and many other words that i cant think of right now! went with mightypretty and we both had a great time. We left London at 5.20am and i pretty sure that we didnt go to bed until about half 9 that night......got there, dropped ouur stuff off and went straight to the castle! On my first sighting. the castle took my breath away....its so lovely! can totally see why they chose it for the show.

SPOLIERS THIS WAY FOR SEASON 3..........................................

Started off by looking round the castle and got very hyper when we saw bits that are now so recongisable from the show (the merlin/arthur staircase in the courtyard, the courtyard itself, the cloisters, the griffin staircase-arthur/gwen/morgana one from 204, the list goes on). But on our walk round i spoted a clearing looking out onto an area within the castle grounds and could see horses.....so we headed out the castle to find it and what did we find????????? BRADLEY AND COLIN FILMING!!!! that was it then, that is where we stood watching them filming for a good couple of hours! we couldnt believe that we had found them within hours of arriving at the castle! When they broke for lunch, we went and carried on walking round the castle and then enjoyed the scenery outside. It was here that we saW some SA's, so as you do we followed them and found that Bradley and Colin were carrying on with the scene from earlier. So again we stood and watched and towards the end of the shoot Katie and Angel turned up :) ALL FOUR ON THE FIRST DAY!!! How lucky were we?? they didnt shoot anything there, but as soon as the lads were finished, all four of them were driven back to the castle, where they carried on filiming into the night. So a very long day came to an end, but it was so successful.

Day two - got up to the castle early and met Yanannauk (who we had a great couple of days with for the rest of our visit - thank you for you company and all your help!!). Today we ended up seeing Bradley, Angel, Colin, Katie and Rupert!!! there were alot of bitty scenes but so worth sitting there watching them all. At one point we were watching a scene with the knights of camelot in the courtyard and we heard a loud voice coming from inside.....it was Bradley (him and Angel had gone in earlier on, so we are guessing that it is an angsty scene!). But as said before....all the scenes were great. At onne point we were sitting on the drawbridge waiting to see what was happening next and Bradley walked down into the castle, so i thought id say hi to him!!! AND I GOT A HI BACK :) :) that was it then....i was on such a hi!!!! he looked so tired though, they all did. Also saw their stunt doubles in the mornning before they all turned off, looked like they were filming abit that was linked to the scene that was shoot in the castle the night before (the outfits were the same). Rupert was lovely!!! so glad to see him back....but he was doing alot of hanging around and had one scene to do right at the end of the day....bless him though, did i mention he's lovely!

Day three - quieter day than the previous two. Only Katie and Rupert filming today as it was last day of filming (Angel and Bradley had gone home, or so we are assuming, but Colin was seen in Compiegne with his parents throughout the day). Katie was great in regards to the fans, she even came over at the end of the shoot and said thank  you to all the fans for coming. HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS CAST???? after the filming was all finished managed to get to see the rest of the castle (the great hall, the banquet hall, etc!) only thing we did see was the crypt (guess have to do that next time!!!). Then we spend a lovely evening with Yanannauk seeing the sights in Compiegne and a really nice meal. it topped off a great holiday!!!! SO GOING AGAIN NEXT JUNE (just gutted i cant go in september :()

Only 4 weeks to wait though now, as going to the BFI screening again!!! Again v excited about this as we get episodes 1 and 2 of season 3!!! and if what i saw during those few days and have heard, its going to be an amazing season!!! fingers crossed that all the cast make it! Also went to expo in may, which was great too (even got my signed merlin poster :)) and met timetraveller90 (great to meet you and you will have so much fun with mightypretty in sept!! hopefully see you at BFI).

so as you can see my summer has been packed and been worth every second!!!! its just a shame that its gone so fast!!!!

once i get sorted ill post some pics from france

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17 April 2010 @ 08:50 pm
6-0 win for the Royals today and that wasnt even the start of it al! it could have so easy have been in double figures! 4-0 up at half time, a turned down penalty shout, 2 goals declared off-side, i could go on! 

in fact it was the peterbrough goalkeeper who kept them in the game, he was by far their best player. he had a blinder.

as for the Royals - FANTASTIC is one of the many words you could use for the game, goals from Pearce, McAnuff, Kebe, Long and 2 from Siggy got the reading fans in the full party mood. 9th in the leauge now and finally on a postive goal difference, now that is wot i call progress considering at the end of jaunary after the game at Sheffield United we were 23rd and had a goal difference of -17. who would have thought it???? congrats boys.

i can not believe in 3 games time (2 weeks) the season is going to be over :( its come around so quickly, thank god for the world cup this season :)

but as its the end of the season it comes to that time of year, where the player of the season has to be decided, if u discount the first half of the season ( i know alot of reading fans are) there is a number of players that could be given the award.

1. Bertrand has been outstanding this season, he had a few iffy moments at the beginning of the season, but has been the most consistant player throughout the season, always one of the first names on the team sheet.
2. Siggy  - Well what more could be said about 'the stig'? ON FIRE!! cause chaos wherever he plays and has scored so many vital goals for the team....who else would be as cool as cucumber to take a 92nd min penalty against Liverpool at Anfield? one of many great goals this season! 
3. Tabb - one of my favourite players this season. didnt get much of a chance under Rodgers and when he did play he was out of position at right back (although if you ask me, he did extremely well here considering hes a left footer!).Under McDermott, he had found a new lease of life.  Always puts in a shift and plays with no more than a 110% effort. runs miles, creates for the team, shores up the defence.....AMAMZING all rounder and another name which is first on the team sheet.
4. Griffin - FANTASTIC! love him to pieces and so want to hold on to him in the summer. came in on-loan in january and has provided more experince in the team. great RB, but battles forward when the oppitunity comes to him (he showed that again today). reminds me of Graeme Murty bombing forward when he used to play for us :) has also helped Kebe with his game.

other players who deserve a mention - Millsy (solid under McDermott), Ivar (experienced center-back), Special K (another on-loan player that we want to keep, the fans love him), Kebe (more confident this season under McDermott and like siggy scored some vital goals), Long (shown why he was given the number '9' shirt and proved lots of people wrong this season :))

as you can see there are so many i could choose from and im still undecided, its so difficult this season.

So Reading won, Man U won (yipeeee) and Spurs beat Chelsea (sorry Mightypretty), so for me its been the perfect day! means that it keeps things interesting right to the end of the season :) :) just the way we like it!!! 
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11 April 2010 @ 08:23 pm

How great has the weather been the last few days?? its great to finally see some sun!  in fact i went to the cardiff v reading game yesterday and because it was so nice didnt have to wear either a coat or a jumper!!! i love it when its like that at football :)

was a really good day out even though the game ended 0-0, but it was so not a boring draw, it was end to end stuff, especially the second half! the boys played really well and deserved to have won the game, but a point again one of the top teams in the league is a good result (i was happy with a point before the game). it was a lovely journey down to cardiff and got there just in time to see the players arrive, which my friend was extremely happy about as she managed to get Bertrand to sign her shirt. The atmosphere inside the ground was fantastic but got even better when us Reading fans stopped our stand-in captain, Matt Mills trying to get into the stand where we were. he was eventually let in and recieved a standing obvation and rounds of 'theres only one matt mills' from the fans :) Millsy spent the whole game in with us fans and even at half time stayed to talk, sign autographs and pose for pictures (yes i did get one done, too good of an oppitunity to miss - he was lovely). i love it when players come and join the fans in watching the game (one plus of when players are banned or injured, i know noel hunt has done it every now and again this season).

next up is newcastle on tuesday, should be an interesting game. its been postponed twice already this season, so third time lucky.

 work wise - things been abit stressful this week, lack of staff, too much to do, the usual. i actually flipped on thursday big style and i dont usually do that. i had just had enough. hoping this week will be better, but i doubt it considering its the easter holidays still :(.

and totally off topic - anyone who hasnt read the stieg larsson books, read them!! its not the thing i usually read, but everyone kept on about them, so thought id give them ago and i am loving the first one, definalty worth giving ago.

and to all the girls who are over in pierrefonds at the moment, thank you so much for the updates and all the lovely pictures of the cast, esp the ones of Bradley :yum: can not wait to go (mightypretty we need to try and sort it out soon)

anyway off to go and watch supernatural now! a dose of Jared and Jensen - just what i need :)
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21 March 2010 @ 09:01 pm
What is it with people who cant keep their noses out of things???? why did i think that once he left work, things would get better???  how stupid was i!!!! NO........ they just cant lay off can they!!!  a few if us went out last night and well we both got a hammering, they just would not lay off. we cant even talk (which is what we were doing) without them trying to set us up. and well talk about difficult after that, especially as we were sitting next to each other. we were just getting back to normal after everything over the last few months, but nope the first time we are in the same place together again, its starts. im coming to think it might be easier if we just didnt talk to each other at all....but i dont see why i should stop talking to sommeone just because some people cant help themselves and start bloody rumors.

What makes it worse is that the barriers between us keep crossing and getting pushed and pushed and even last night before it all started, we were doing it without realising it (until we start getting the comments). why cant guys be straight forward??? it would make it so much easier!! and of course becasue it started up again, i couldnt sleep last night!!! Am so glad that im not in work this week, because i might say something hat some people might not like!!! 

i feel as if i cant say or do anything without it being noticed. even at home, everytime my phone goes, the parents give me that look....ITS A NIGHTMARE and I HATE IT!!!!!!!
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